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Recue of a small badger cub from Torquay

On the 16th June the Chair of Somerset Badger Group received a call from Sven, a veterinary nurse at a veterinary practice in Exeter.

A small female cub weighing just over 2kg had been taken into the practice a few days earlier and needed considerable intervention owing to dehydration and lack of food. The cub was recovering, but still small and underweight. Sven wanted advice on what to feed the cub, and SBG’s help in finding the cub’s natal sett. He knew the group has a good track record for successfully returning cubs to their setts.

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legal challenge against badger culling

As many will know, Wild Justice has done exceptionally well getting the Crowdfunding it required probably because of the high profiles of those involved and also the recent successes they have had on other challenges.  Wild Justice has since closed its fundraiser. However, Tom Langton and Badgercrowd are crowdfunding to try to help badgers and promote effective approaches to bovine

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Consultation May 20

In May 2020, the government launched a public consultation on proposals to manage the delivery of both badger vaccination and culling in counties in the Edge Areas (EA). Whilst this consultation was primarily about allowing culling adjacent to land where badgers have been vaccinated in these Edge Areas, it will also formulate policy which will also affect Devon and the

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