Reporting setts or RTC badgers

sett-entranceHave you spotted a badger sett when out on your country walk? Have you seen a badger that’s been a victim of a road traffic collision (RTC) while driving?
If so we need you to report these to us.

Why do we need your reports?
This data helps us to locate badger ‘hotspots’.  Sett data helps us understand where Devon’s badgers are living, and RTC badgers can help us identify areas where setts might be, even if we don’t have sett data.

How does this data help?
Knowing where badgers live can help with identifying where a rescued RTC badger might need to be released once recovered.  It can also help when we find out about new large developments. If a new development site covers an area that we have sett data for, we can try to ensure that appropriate mitigation for the badgers is put in place, if this is appropriate.

How do I report my sightings?
You can contact us in many ways.  Use the reporting tool available via the website or click here.

How do I record a location?
The best option is a 10 digit OS grid reference.  A 10-digit reference locates an area of one square metre.  There are many freely available apps for smartphones.  Some of these apps allow to to write notes, take photographs or videos to send with your references.  Alternatively a What3Words reference is acceptable.  These locate an area of 3 square metres.  Apps can be downloaded via the What3Words website at

These apps can also prove hugely beneficial should you come across a badger in need of help.

However you share your data with us, you can be assured it will be put to good use for the benefit of Devon’s badgers.