2022 badger vaccination

2022 vaccination season

Somerset Badger Group’s 2022 badger vaccination season, supported by Devon Badger Group members, got off to an amazing start.  On one of our important commercial farm sites, we vaccinated our 700th badger (one of two cubs captured together) and one of our experienced Lay Vaccinators clocked up their 100th badger vaccinated.  We also had two other ‘two for the price of one’ captures!

We regard it as a real privilege to continue to help farmers and landowners who wish to have their badgers vaccinated, and hard work and miles walked and driven make it all worth it.

The photo is of two cubs post vaccination, fur clipped and stock sprayed blue, to make sure we don’t vaccinate them again.  Often badgers will go back in the cage trap the following night, seemingly not put off by their overnight stays!

You can watch a video of a vaccinated badger being released at https://www.facebook.com/SomersetBadgers/videos/1164175584433778/

If you’d like to donate towards Somerset Badger Group’s 2022 badger vaccination work, you can make a payment via Paypal by clicking here.

We work collaboratively with Somerset Badger Group and they have exciting news for this year.

Three of their members have trained as badger vaccination trainers, meaning that Somerset Badger Group can carry out most of the three module course itself.  This means training costs are significantly reduced, and more volunteers can be trained.  All good news for our badgers of course.

The three modules are:

1 – Sett surveying for badger vaccination

2 – Cage trapping for badger vaccination

3 – Badger vaccination

As well as training volunteers from Somerset Badger Group, they’re also committed to training volunteers from other groups, including Devon Badger Group.  And more trained volunteers, means more badgers can be vaccinated.

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