The rescue of three Devon badger cubs

Three rescue of lucky badger cubs

At the beginning of April, we we took a call from a gentleman who had been handed a badger cub. Our rescuers scrambled into action as always and the cub was subsequently taken to Secret World Wildlife Rescue where she was named Holly.

By 5th April, Holly had been joined by Maple. At that time Maple was put on a fast feed bottle and taking 900mls each feed. She’s putting weight on nicely too.

Although Holly is two weeks older than Maple, she was still nervous, but one of her carers Katie found that by covering her eyes she was taking her feeds easier.

The little girls had been put into pens next to one another during the day so that they can hear and be aware of another badger’s presence.

Towards the middle of April, walkers came across a little badger cub in the Clovelly area.

The cub was collected by one of our volunteers and was taken straight to a vets for a check over,

it was decided to keep the cub in over night, so it could receive treatment. This little cub weighed in at only 0.95 kg and had a lot of lice which is possibly what led to the cub being malnourished and dehydrated. The cub received over night care from Market Veterinary Centre and come the morning she was well enough to travel the two hrs to Secret World Wildlife Rescue .

In keeping with this year’s naming convention of trees, the latest and youngest arrival was named Willow. When Willow is strong enough she will eventually join Maple and Holly, who are now both full of beans!

Thank you to everyone that was involved with the rescue and treatment of these little cubs.