Before It’s Too Late For An Iconic Native Species

A staggering 5,555 badgers were killed in just 7 weeks during the second year of culling in Devon last year, this is nearly double the number killed in 2016.

The vast majority of these badgers would have been perfectly healthy and part of well established and stable family groups. This year we are expecting more areas to be licensed so that figure could easily double again.

This is not the only threat to badgers, development, persecution, sett blocking and RTA’s all take their toll and the DBG is the only group in Devon dedicated to protecting them and their setts.

One effective way of helping badgers is to carry out surveys of suitable habitat to form a database of setts, eventually for the whole of Devon. This is a mammoth task but we can only hope to protect them if we know where they are.

You can help this vital work by becoming a sett surveyor, you will receive all the training necessary and be given an area to survey.

If you can spare a day a month you would be helping to protect badgers as well as learning to recognise badger signs, knowing you are helping to protect one of our iconic native species before it is too late. Please contact us for further details.