Badger Cull in Devon 2016

It is with a heavy heart that we bring you this news, this years figures have been released, 2871 badges were killed and 4 wounded and ‘lost’ during the first year of culling in Devon. How many were killed inhumanely we can only guess at but given the difficulty of shooting low slung, free running animals at night, you can draw your own conclusions.

It is apparent that the government are going to continue to ignore the overwhelming scientific evidence that shows that 96% of BTB transmission in cattle is through cattle to cattle contact and that this is where they need to be focusing their attention. We will increase our efforts in 2017 to raise awareness of the evidence, continue to try and engage with those who support the badger cull and insist those who continue their support make public the evidence to back up their decision.

DBG helps badgers and people in many ways, badger rescue, advising the public on garden and planning enquiries, reporting and helping the police with suspected illegal activity and sett surveying to build up a database of sett locations. If you can help in any way or would like to discuss any of the issues please get in touch either through email or our 24/7 helpline 07710 971988